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Express Entry Draws - The latest reports on Canada Immigration suggest that they welcomed over 19,000 immigrants in June.

Canada’s immigration numbers in June were considered to be highest since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Canada Express Entry Draws

Canada Express Entry Draws is considered to invite the maximum number of Immigrants in recent years followed by the provincial nomination program.
According to sources Canada has welcomed over 19,000 new permanent residents(PR) in June 2020. This was also revealed in new Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) data released today.

Canada’s June permanent resident (PR) intake was the largest with 19,200 newcomers since the start of coronavirus pandemic. Canada invited a total of 11,000 newcomers in May and the 4,000 who gained PR in April. It was also Canada’s highest level of immigration in a month since the coronavirus was officially labeled a pandemic in March.
If we look from the other side, it was very less in comparison to over 34,000 immigrants welcomed by Canada in June 2019. The lower level compared with last year is due to the disruptions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Canada has had travel restrictions in place since March 18th. Additional challenges include confirmation of permanent residence(COPR) holders being unable to travel to Canada even if they are permitted to do so, and IRCC application processing being affected by social distancing measures.
Countries with highest newcomers in June

The top 10 Countries in June 2020 (Permanent Residence numbers in brackets) were:

  1. India (6,760)
  2. China (2,010)
    Philippines (900)
    USA (740)
    Pakistan (595)
    Brazil (560)
    United Kingdom (535)
    Nigeria (530)
    Iran (390)
    South Korea (355)
  3. As general leading immigrant source countries in June remain the same from recent months and years. The new immigrants in June were individuals who had applied for PR months ago, meaning that immigrant source countries have not been much impacted by the pandemic so far.

What you can expect for the rest of 2020
The June 2020 PR figures indicate that Canada’s immigration system is getting back to normal to the extent possible during this pandemic. Many people were able to overcome COVID-19 challenges in June (e.g., travel delays) than earlier months to complete their PR landing.
Canada’s PR levels tended to be higher in the summer so over the coming summer months we can expect immigration levels to increase from this range as the current level suggest.
There is one more thing that is true that the travel restrictions and other COVID-19 disruptions will keep PR figures lower than what they were during similar periods in 2019.
Nonetheless, Canada continues to invite more successful immigration candidates to apply for Permanent Residence.
Every two weeks, Express Entry draws have remained a constant fixture throughout the pandemic, with Canada issuing 3,900 or more invitations to apply (ITAs) for permanent residence every two weeks.

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Last week we have witnessed Canada held two Express Entry draws, including one Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) candidates in one of the draws. FSWP candidates were excluded from Express Entry draws between March and July since IRCC wanted to prioritize the invitation of candidates more likely to be in Canada right now (and hence, less likely to face COVID-19 interruptions).
The resumption of Express Entry draws which include FSWP candidates, plus ongoing Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draws are among the numerous positive signs that suggest Canada remains committed to its pre-pandemic immigration policies.
This has also been emphasized by IRCC and Canada’s immigration minister. They have repeatedly stated since the start of the pandemic that welcoming high levels of immigration after COVID-19 will be key to maintaining a strong and healthy Canadian economy.

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