Immigration is the movement to another country with a purpose to settling down. It’s a long term and permanent move.

The permanent residency to canada or australia gives an enormous right to the person.  He can settle work do a Business study and do anything. It’s a lifetime and no one would ask the person to come back and leave the country. He enjoys most of the right of a born citizen. He gets all benefits such as free medical & education for children. Jobless allowances in case he becomes jobless. Right to buy the property. He can take a loan. He can also call his parent later and they get the same Benefits as well as they can avail pension benefits.

It’s temporary and only given for very short time . The client will not enjoy above right and it’s very uncertain as if he loses job he has to come back.  Spouse can’t work on main applicant visa.

Permanent residency is an individual’s occupant status in a nation of which they are not nationals. This is for the most part for a Permanent period; an individual with such status is known as a Permanent resident. know your PR status 

It’s temporary and only given for very short time . The client will not enjoy above right and it’s very uncertain as if he loses job he has to come back.  Spouse can’t work on main applicant visa.

Sir there is no direct work option or work permit for any developed country as they already have enough local man powers who can fill the  local job requirement hence there is no reason to call worker from other countries .

However few countries like Canada Australia and NewZeland do allow work option to outsider but only Through PR visa as these countries have been very low in population and hence they aim to increase the population through skilled work force. These countries believe that unless there is balance population thy can’t grow. They have huge resources and are huge in land area but the population has been always very low. Govt of these countries are only keen in taking workforce on permanent basis and not on short term basis as they know that when person settle down permanently they contribute hugely towards the growth of the country both economically and socially. Also this PR program they started 40 years back when population was very low and every year since then they issue around 70000 PR visas. These immigrants are more than enough to fill requirement of the job market hence there is no need for take worker on work visa. It defeats the objective of immigration program . Moreover the government priority is to place the immigrants first . If the immigrants don’t find job then they will be a burden on economy as government has to give job less allowance medical and education benefits and this will add burden on economy. The countries which run immigration programs don’t promote work visa program.

In these countries ( which run immigration program ) if at all any company  wants to hire someone on work visa they have to first issue Offer  letter (kindly remember the offer letter has no Value unless govt issue work visa against this offer) . A after issuing job offer company has to file the work visa petition by proving that they are not able to find someone among immigrants or citizen who can fit the requirement of the company vacancy,, for proving this the company will be required to advertise 10 times in national news papers and also submit letters from local consultants stating they are unable to provide such manpower.. ..With these documents the company can file for the client work Visa. Now imagine why a company will do this as it requires huge investment and it’s highly unlikely that the company will

Not find someone among immigrant or citizen. Hence in nutshell the work permit is close to impossible in these countries. (Canada & Australia).

They might have gone through their company on short term Basis and they have to return in short time.

But long term happens only through a PR VISA only.

Sir if company is sending you on project then company has to file petition with the govt stating  that the project is very sensitive and there is chances that the technology can be leaked if they hire someone unknown in Australia / Canada also they require highly trained staff on certain technologies hence thy require someone from the company.. On such situation one can get work permit for short time. Imagine again how much effort the company has to make, and despite this the work / project visa can still be denied.

Give example : Sir if you want to work longer you have to take up PR Visa , there is no other option as work permit  will expire as soon as the projects get over or sometime even before that depending on economy situation in that country.

Say we have many  client from Australia/ Canada who are working on work visa in these countries and we have filed their cases for PR as they know that on work permit they can’t work longer and eventually need PR visa

IELTS – International English Language Testing System.

On an Average an ILTES would cost approximately 12800/- INR per applicant. IELTS score of an individual person will be valid for 2 years from the date of the result.

IELTS is designed by the Cambridge University and jointly managed by IDP and British Council. British Council is a British organization which specializes in international cultural and educational opportunities. It promotes knowledge of the UK and the English language in over 100 countries.

IELTS can be taken by anyone by following steps listed below,


Log on to

  1. Select the option “Register for IELTS”
  2. Select your test date and test city (you will see the seat availability status)
  3. Complete the on-line application form.
  4. Pay the test fee by credit card (Master / Visa)
  5. Get instant seat booking and acknowledgement.