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Australia Immigration Program Overview

The Australia Skilled Migration Program has opened up a plenty of options for professionals seeking to migrate to Australia . Australia requires large number of qualified and skilled professionals ,who  can contribute towards its’ economic and  social growth . It offers great opportunities to professionals ,whose occupations are high in demand. Australia’s Skilled Migration Program invites  professionals from a wide range  of background and expertise  such as  IT, Engineering ,Healthcare ,Hospitality ,Education Finance etc,  to apply for Australian permanent residency. Phoenix GRS will help you navigate the intricacies of this program and apply to the right  Australian immigration visa with complete peace of mind and with a very high surety of success.

For more then 26 years ,Australia has witnessed uninterrupted economic growth, the Australian economy is one of the real economic successes of the last 50 years. The vast majority of the population is comprised of the middle class. There are many job opportunities for every residents a result Australia has one of the lowest unemployment rate in the world.

Owing to a strong economy and low unemployment, Australia is a fantastic place to secure a high paying job. The average Australian income is AUD $80,000 per year.

Australia Offers High Quality Of Life

One of the motivating factors people migrate to Australia is the quality of life. Australia consistently scored very high rank among the top 10 countries in the United Nation’s Human Development Index, placing second in 2016 only to Norway. It ranks much higher  than other leading developed nations such as Germany, Singapore, Canada, the U.K., Japan, and France.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) rated it as the best country in the world to live in. It also has one of the lowest air pollution levels in the world.

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One Of The Best Healthcare Systems

Australia  offers one of the best healthcare systems  in the world . It’s  covers all doctor visits, medications, hospitalisation and medical payments in public hospitals. This is particularly beneficial for the family as it takes off huge burden in case of any medical exigency .
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Top-Notch Education

Other reason people migrate to Australia is its’ world class education system. Australia offers high-quality education and its rank 8th place in global rankings. The country has more than 1,200 institutions and 22,000 courses to choose from. Most of the institutes are government funded and provide free education.Primary and secondary education are compulsory .
Australia boast of having many world class institutions of higher learning such as  University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Queensland, Monash University, Australian National University,and University of Western Australia ,which are considered among the top 100 in the world.
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High Level Of Safety

Australia  has negligible crime rate and if considered one of the safest countries in the world  The community-building  nature of Australians makes it a safe place to live in and raise a family.
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Multicultural Society

Australia is comprised up of people from various  nationalities, backgrounds ,ethnicities and cultures, with 43% of all Australians being born overseas or having a parent who was born overseas. Unlike other countries, there is no class system in Australia. People are generally friendly and welcoming, and have a sense of community.

Australia’s robust economy guarantees plenty of opportunities for everyone, from anywhere. Australia’s diversity is celebrated on Harmony Day (21 March) every year, which also coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

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Amazing Climate & Beautiful Nature

Australia is well-known for its wonderful climate . It has warm summers and mild winters. Its weather is magnificent all year round, with the sun shining for over 300 days every year.
Australia is among very few countries  in the world ,which have preserved its’ pristine beaches, lush rainforests and red dirt deserts. It’s landscape is dotted with snow-capped mountains, and its’ abundantly large green space provides amazing spectacle of ultimate scenic beauty . There are more than 500 national parks and 14 world heritage sites throughout Australia, all of them great places to explore by yourself or with your loved ones.
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The Best Immigration Consultant-Phoenix GRS

Having profound knowledge in the Australian Immigration process,Our Consultants are among the best in the industry.
A combination of extensive experience and in-house knowledge of the industry allows us to deliver solutions that deliver results with a full range of value-added services.
With 18 years of rich experience and a highly successful track record in serving its clients, Phoenix GRS is the undisputed leader in the Australian Immigration Service Industry.

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Who Are Eligible To Apply For Australian Immigration Visas Under Skilled Worker Category ?

  • Applicant’s age must be under 45 years
  • Applicant’s occupation must be  in high demand in Australia
  • Minimum 3 years work experience in the  nominated  occupation
  • Must have high English proficiency.
  • Perfect documentation according to Australian standards
  • No Criminal history
  • Sound Health
  • Achieve minimum 65 points on point based system.

Australia Salary Range In Major Occupations

1 Australian Dollar = INR 55.60 As on 1st June 21


Information Technology

$ 99,138
Legal$ 95,972


$ 103,044
Finance$ 100,427
Healthcare & Social sevices$ 86,268
Sales & Marketing$ 81,783
Construction & Maintenance$ 77,355
Childcare & Education$ 87,306
Accounting & Administration$ 77,535
Transportation$ 56,943
Art$ 73,536
Retail & Customer service$ 60,023
Food services$ 55,895

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With sunny beaches, vibrant cities and a welcoming culture, Australia is one of the world’s most desired migration destinations. Qualified professionals from across the world are flocking to Australia for its great quality of life and stable economic prospects. An English speaking country, Australia is not just easy to assimilate into but also has a more cosmopolitan culture thanks to a significant migrant population.It’s enviable citizen benefits and progressive policies make it a great destination to settle with your family.


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