Student Visas

The US Student Visa enables worldwide understudies to learn at any of the United States’ widely acclaimed colleges, universities, secondary schools, grade schools or other scholastic foundations.

F1 Visa

An F1 visa is a transitory understudy visa that enables worldwide understudies to contemplate full-time at a certify secondary school, school, college, or other scholastic organization. Global understudies wishing to take part in an English dialect course in the US may likewise be qualified for a F1 visa.


  • The candidate must be selected full-time in a scholarly or dialect instruction program at an affirmed school or scholastic establishment in the US.
  • Applicants are required to show they have adequate assets to help themselves for the term of their course.

M1 Visa

An M1 visa is a brief understudy visa that enables global understudies to go to a licensed professional or non-scholastic school, for example, an exchange school or viable preparing school.

J1 Visa For University Students

A J1 visa is a brief understudy visa that enables remote post-auxiliary understudies to consider in the US through an affirmed, government-supported trade program. Understudies on a J1 visa may attempt investigation of a degree until fulfillment, non-degree programs or a temporary job that will give credit to a degree course in their nation of origin.

J1 Visa For Secondary Students

A J1 visa is a transitory understudy visa that enables remote auxiliary school understudies to contemplate in the US while living with an American receiving family or life experience school through a certify supporting association.