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The Child visa has two subclasses.

  1. Child visa Subclass 101:

Through this visa, a child living outside Australia can live with his/her parents in Australia. A child must be under 18 to be eligible for this visa and must be born outside the region of Australia.


  1. Child visa Subclass 802:

If a child is living with parents who are Australian citizens, PR or eligible New Zealand citizens, the child can live with their parents in Australia. A child must be in Australia to apply for this visa subclass.

Benefits of Australia Child Visa Subclass 101:

  1. Furnish you with the right to live in Australia.
  2. Applicants can work in Australia during the stay.
  3. Applicants can avail health care facilities.
  4. Permits you to apply for citizenship.
  5. You will get a right to sponsor your relatives for an Australia Permanent Resident visa.

Requirements for an Australia Child Visa

To apply for an Australian Child visa, a child is required to meet the following requirements.


A child should be dependent on their parent:

It would be best if your parents live in Australia either based on Permanent Resident or Citizenship. And they must be entitled to sponsor you.


Be this age:

You must be either: under 18 years old and if your age is more than 18 years & less than 25 years and you are a full time studying student and financially dependent on your parents or you are a child with disability.


Have no partner:

To apply for an Australian child visa you must not be married.


Should meet the health requirement:

The child and sponsor both must meet health criteria of Australia before applying for a child visa.


Should meet the Character requirement:

As a child, if your age is 16 and more than 16, you are required to meet the character requirements decided by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.


Sign the Australian values statement:

You need to sign the Australian value statement & obey and respect Australian laws & way of life.


Have a sponsor:

The child needs to have parents based on Permanent Resident or Australian citizenship, and they must be entitled to sponsor you and should be ready to pay all the expenses of yours up to the age of 18.

Australian documents checklist of child visa

Provide the following required documents to support your Australian application for a child visa.


Identity documents:

You need to provide your identity proof such as a certificate of Date of Birth or any other national Identity.


Financial statements:

It is the sponsor’s responsibility to furnish sufficient evidence to prove how you support the basic needs like food, shelter and clothing of your child. If you fail to submit sufficient evidence, you will be considered ineligible to apply for a child visa.


Character documents:

Children need to submit police certificates from their home country where they have spent 1 year or more in the last 10 years.



You are also required to submit recent photographs of size (45mm x 35mm).


Travel Documents:

The candidate is also required to submit a valid passport. 


Health documents:

The candidate is required to go through a medical examination and furnish a health certificate.


Evidence of Child’s relationship to the parent:

Evidence of a relationship plays a vital role in the approval of visa application, so keep following documents to ensure your relationship with your parents.


  1. Date of Birth Certificate
  2. Adoption certificate
  3. Family tree


Application form:

Also required to supply an applicable application form to apply for an Australian child visa.

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