Australia Study Visa Consultant

Australia Study Visa Consultant 

AUSTRALIA STUDY VISA individuals the chance to be a part of a multicultural land with breathtakingly beautiful scenery, numerous career opportunities, excellent education, healthcare, and security. Explore your Australia immigration options with our Immigration Consultants and Lawyers. Phoenixgrs is a best Australia Study Visa Consultant in Bangalore. 

Education System in Australia

Type of Universities, Admission Requirements, Courses Offered and Accreditation etc

Tuition Fee & Scholarships

Tuition Fee, Living Cost, Scholarships, Assistance ship, Internship, Education Loans

Document Checklist

Transcripts, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation, Admission Essays,Affidavit of Support,etc..

Application Deadlines

Application Deadline, Priority Deadline, Scholarship Deadline, Department Deadline,etc

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Australia study visa consultants in india

Immigrating to Australia gives individuals and families the chance to be a part of a multicultural land with breathtakingly beautiful scenery, numerous career opportunities, excellent education, healthcare, and security. Explore your Australian immigration options with our Immigration Consultants and Lawyers. Phoenixgrs is one of the best Australia Study Visa Consultant.

Types Of Study Visas:

There are many categories to choose from depending upon course you choose

  • 570 – Independent ELICOS Sector
  • 571 – Schools Sector
  • 572 – Vocational Education and Training Sector
  • 573 – Higher Education Sector
  • 574 – Postgraduate Research Sector
  • 575 – Non Award Sector
  • 576 – Aus. AID or Defence Sector
  • 402 – Training and Research
  • 580 – Student Guardian Visa
Australia Study Visa requirements:

To be granted and to apply for an Australia student visa you must complete a visa application form, lodge it with the evidence required, to satisfy the student visa requirements, pay the application charge. You can be granted a Australia student visa only if you intend to study a registered course on a full-time basis and meet with a number of visa conditions after you have entered Australia, also meet with a number of visa conditions for attendance and academic performance which come into effect after your entry in Australia.

Your Australia Student (Temporary) Visa will specify the condition applied to you. It is important to meet with your visa conditions for Australia student visa to avoid visa cancellation. To get all required services you need a best Australia Study Visa Consultant and Phoenixgrs is one of it in Bangalore.

You must need to obtain an Australia student visa, in order to study in Australia. You must be able to prove to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) that you meet the following key Australia student visa requirements:

  • Financial requirements
  • English proficiency requirements
  • Health and character requirements
  • When completing your online visa application form for the Australia student visa, you will need to provide evidence of the following according to the Australia student visa requirements.
Financial requirements

In granting Australia student visa, the evidence of sufficient funds to cover tuition, travel and living costs. From July 2016, the amount you need to prove you have for living costs (separate from tuition and travel) is set at AU$19,830 (~US$15,170) for a year. If you have dependents (such as a spouse and children), you will also need to show evidence of being able to cover living costs for them, including school fees. Alternatively, in granting a Australia Student visa, you can show evidence that your spouse or parents are willing to support you and that they earn at least AU$60,000 (~US$45,850) a year.

English proficiency requirement

To be eligible for English proficiency requirement in granting Australia student visa, you need to prove that you can speak English to the required level, if you are not from an English-speaking country and haven’t completed at least five years’ study on acquiring Australia student visa.

The various eligibility test to test the English speaking ability for a candidates are specified by the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) in the website such the IELTS, TOEFL iBT, Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, and Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) on obtaining student visa. On granting Australia student visa, you need to obtain a minimum score, that depends on whether you are starting full degree, doing a foundation course, or enrolling on ELICOS (English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students).

Health requirements

While granting a Australia student visa, Some of the students may be asked to prove that their health condition is good by taking a medical and/or a radiological check-up. If they told to do so, for granting student visa, you must attend an appointment with a doctor who has been approved by the Australian immigration department.

The Students coming from Belgium or Norway are excluded from obtaining health cover, all students opt to apply for Australia student visa, are obliged to purchase Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) can obtained through your university, or directly from the five approved providers. The cost of this health insurance cover will vary depending on the provider and how long you purchase cover for.

In granting Australia student visa, Students from Sweden who have purchased health insurance through CSN International or Kammarkollegiet will not need to purchase OSHC. Belgian and Norwegian students are also not required to purchase OSHC as part of their Australia student visa requirements. If they are looking to get best advices and services then our consultancy is the best Australia Study Visa Consultant in Bangalore, India.

Character requirements

Australia student visa requirements stipulate that you must be of good character to enter Australia. Australia Student visa also includes a criminal record check, to make sure you don’t have a substantial criminal record. With this student visa, you should need acquire a penal clearance certificate (or police certificate) or statement, and may be asked to complete a Character Statutory Declaration Form.

Australia Student visa is required if you have applied for it and been accepted to study full-time for over three months at an educational institution in Australia. With this Australia student visa. For all the above services and reach the requirements you need a good consultant and Phoenixgrs is one of the best Australia Study Visa Consultant in Bangalore. 

Study Full time

Apart from all the eligible requirements, there are certain criteria to be met for study on full time basis using the Australian’s student visa. With this Australia student visa:

  • You can stay in Australia for the duration of your course.
  • You can enter multiple times into Australia
  • You have taken a course of unlimited hours in a session, you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight.
  • Eligible dependent family members can accompany you (conditions apply)
  • Your family members can work up to 40 hours per fortnight
  • Your spouse can study in Australia for up to 3 months
  • Your Australia Student visa application will be assessed Based on Assessment level and the required evidence, can be judged by your nationality and main course of study.


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