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EB5 Invest Visa

This visa gets its name from the name of the work based fifth inclination visa that member gets. Individuals from all around the globe would now be able to get U.S. Green card and furthermore have a chance to make an occupation with investment providing job opportunities inside the United States in return.

USA-business visas e1 e2 Investment Visa is primarily for entrepreneurs who can apply for a permanent visa (green card) along with unmarried children under the age of 21 , if they meet the below requirement:

  • Should make a reasonable investment in a commercial enterprise in the USA
  • Have the ambition to create permanent work for minimum 10 qualified US workers.
  • You can get Green cards for you, your spouse and any children under 21 with a single visa application.
  • Get the freedom to live, work, and retire anywhere in the U.S regardless of the location of your EB-5 investment.
  • An opportunity to make it big and expand your investment portfolio in the United States.
  • Get access to a U.S. college education at the same cost that in-state inhabitants pay
  • The choice to become a U.S. citizen approximately 5 years after receiving a conditional green card.
  • No necessity to oversee day to day business tasks or representatives.
  • There is no restriction in terms of travel within the country and to and from to your home country.
  • No need for sponsorship.
  • No preset requirement or talent needed.
  • Make you understand and educate about Investment and know all the related details. We give you 100% support through the investment process and Investment.
  • Recommend experienced immigration attorneys who specialize in EB-5 investor visas. Coordinate the immigration process to maximize your chances of receiving EB-5 visa approval.
  • Monitor your investment regularly making sure you have steady and lifelong income.
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