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When somebody says “New Zealand”? You immediately say “serenity”. After all, New Zealand is home to the cleanest lakes in the world! Now take the serenity & huge opportunities in New Zealand and put them together.


Read this article to learn more about the great benefits of migration to New Zealand.

What is a New Zealand Study Visa?

The New Zealand student visa is something you necessarily need if you are planning to study in New Zealand for a longer period of time.


Among the many courses and degrees, New Zealand is at the forefront of delivering an excellent range of courses in CS, IT and animation.

Documents Required for a NZ Student Visa

The first requirement to get your student visa for New Zealand is to have your documentation ready for verification.

Here is a list of documents that mandatorily you need:

● Certificate of Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment
● Statement of Genuine Temporary Entrant
● Test results of English Proficiency
● Proof of payment of visa fees
● Overseas Student Health Cover
● Criminal records Verification

Fees Required for the New Zealand Study Programs

To process your NZ student visa from India, you have to pay the amount of 330 NZD as your application fee. These costs include the processing of your application, an immigration and tourism levy charge, and international visitor conservation.

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