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Immigrants around the world have been permanently moving & settling in Australia over the past years. Indians make the 3rd largest immigrant population in Australia, did you know that?

In 2020, In spite of the pandemic, Australia continued acquiring Permanent Resident applications, recording an immigration population of 7.5 million. This article will guide you through the seven easy steps of the Australia Permanent Resident Process.

What is an Australian PR?

An Australia PR is a Permanent Residency Visa which allows you to study, work and settle in Australia indefinitely, using a point based immigration system.

Australia PR has multiple advantages and also allows you to apply for Australian citizenship after 3 years of being a Permanent Resident holder!

Now that you know what an Australia PR Visa is, let us dive into the arrangement of advantages you obtain if you become a Permanent Resident holder in Australia.

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Advantages of an Australia PR Visa

  • Live & travel anywhere in Australia
  • Pursuing higher studies in Australia 
  • After 2 years enjoy social security benefits
  • Promote your family for a Permanent Resident
  • Apply for the government jobs
  • Road to Australia citizenship
  • Get free medical insurance
  • Dependents obtain subsidised education loans
Australia PR visa Process

Check Your Eligibility 

Your occupation must be listed in the Skilled occupation list to be eligible for an Australia Permanent Resident Visa, regardless of the visa type you decided to apply for.


  • Occupation must be registered in the Skilled Occupation List 
  • Age must be below 45 years to apply
  • In the Points Grid, score at least 65 points


You need to score a minimum of 65 points in the Points Grid where you are judged based on your age, education, work experience and other factors.

Acquire language proficiency test results


Next step is to finish your English language proficiency test. You can give one of the three Language Proficiency Tests, that is, IELTS, TOEFL or PTE.


  • Score 7 or above for IELTS
  • Score 25 or above for TOEFL
  • Score 65 or above for PTE

Get skills assessment report from Skill Select


You must obtain your education & professional credentials assessed in the 3rd step. 


  • Get assessed by SkillSelect. 
  • Selection Factors like Age, education, English test score, Work experience & commitment to stay.
  • Procedure takes 8-10 weeks
  • Costs around Rs.2,07,203 approx


The Australian country compares foreign education with its Australian equivalency. You can do this by sharing your written document to the designated body called Skill Select.


You need to attach your Skill Select report in your Expression of Interest.

Register your EOI on Skill Select


This is the most important step of your Australia PR.


You need to register an Expression of Interest in Australia’s Skill Select portal. It shows your interest towards applying for an Australian PR Visa to Australian Authorities.

Obtaining an Invitation to Apply


Now you can sit back & wait for an invitation to apply.


Candidates with the highest Expression of Interest ranking obtain an invitation to apply.  Obtaining an invitation to apply means you are just one step away from receiving your PR Visa.

Submit your Australia PR Visa application


After obtaining your invitation to apply, the final step is to submit your Australia Permanent Resident visa within 60 days.

Submit your Health certificate & Character certificates


You need to submit additional documents like your certificates of clearance and passport for visa stamping.

Eligibility Requirements for an Australia PR

  • Age
  • Skills Assessment
  • PR Points Calculator
  • Nominated Occupation
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Character Assessment
  • Health Assessment

Unsure if you meet all the requirements?

Obtaining a visa is not an easy task. It can take years if your documentation has any errors or you are misinformed about your visa process. Hence, it is advisable to approach a well grounded visa consultant to save your much valued time & effort. You can contact Phoenix GRS who is one of the leading Australia PR Visa Consultants in Bangalore

Processing Time for the Australia Permanent Resident

  • Visa processing time for Australia’s Skilled Independent Visa process can take 8 to 9 months
  • Visa processing time for Australia’s Skilled Nominated Visa visa can take 6 to 8 months

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