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Canada Offers a very rich Culture and Education standards. Canada is one of the World’s Most Educated Country. Reports of surveys around the World’s says that over half of its residents have college degrees.

The Canada visitor visa is for any individual, who wants to go Canada for a short term stay either for study in a short term course or a short term work responsibility whose span is less than six months or to visit family or relatives or for a vacation. Visitors to Canada under these and other categories will be required to apply for a Canada visit visa and obtain the same before they are allowed to enter the country.

Visit Visa Categories

Depending on the purpose of your visit, There are various classes for a visitor visa. For application, Each class will have different eligibility rules as well as a different process

Visit Visa on Business:
  • 1.An invitation letter from your companion in Canada with contact information of the person.
  • 2. Papers displaying enough evidence that you are engaged in your own country and have valid employment.
  • 3. To stay for six months or more the credible proof is needed and will not attempt to continue your visa at the end of the visit span.
  • 4. Credible evidence that you do not have any plans to enter the job market in Canada
  • 5. You are required to present evidence that your business office is not based in Canada and that the origin of revenue is outside Canada
  • 6. You will need to have an original passport which is not expected to expire in the following six months.
  • 7. You need to show evidence that you have adequate funds for the halt in Canada as well as return airfare.
  • 8. You are required to submit police records as well as medical records to show that you are not a threat when you visit Canada.
A temporary resident or visitor visa

You will be needing a temporary resident or visitor visa If you are traveling to Canada for a holiday or for visiting your relatives. It is an official record that is marked on your permit by the Canadian embassy. The stamp will indicate that you have satisfied all the requirements to visit Canada.

Visit Visa Criteria
  • 1. You are expected to have an original passport that is should not expire in 6 months or less
  • 2. You are expected to be in good fitness.
  • 3. You should have a genuine track document with no immigration-specific convictions or criminal case.
  • 4. You are expected to show adequate proof that you have links to your country.
  • 5. Once your visa span is over, you should be able to satisfy the migration administrator of your purpose to leave Canada
  • 6. You are expected to show documentation that you have enough funds to help you during your visit.
  • 7. You will need a letter of invitation if you are planning to stay with relatives from them.
Grandparents and Parents Super Visa:

A normal visitor visa which only allows you to live in Canada for only six months, But the super visa allows you to live in Canada for up to a couple of years. So If you are a parent or a grandparent and planning to visit Canada with your children or grandchildren then you can apply for a super visa (Canada Visit Visa).

Eligibility criteria:
  • 1. You must be either the parent or the grandparent of a Canadian resident or a permanent resident of Canada.
  • 2. You need to sign the invitation letter from your son or grandchild which should cover the following
    • A. He or she will help you financially for the span of your visit to Canada.
    • B. A brief saying the name of the persons and the number living in their house
    • C. A photograph of his or her Canadian permit or Permanent resident visa.
    • D. Evidence of having taken medical coverage from a Canada insurance company that contributes a minimum coverage of 1, 00,000 CAD and is proven for at least a year from the time of entry.
  • 4. The parent or grandparent needs to take a medical examination to prove that they are not a fitness threat to residents in Canada
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