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Best Immigration Consultants.
Phoenix GRS

Our Consultants are among the best in the industry, having profound knowledge in the visa application process of different countries. You can either send an enquiry message or call us in the given number. You can also visit our offices and meet our consultants in person to get best visa service.
  1. Analyze your profile and provide a comprehensive report.
  2. Present to you an appropriate probably of success in the field in which you have selected and assisting you in improving this probability.
  3. Help you in selecting the best career objective or path.
  4. Assist you in selecting the most appropriate destination based on your skills and expertise.
  5. Give you an estimate of the expenses so that you can plan your finances.
  6. A consulting Expert will help you to clear any queries you may have and their advices will help you make the registration process leaner and smoother. This will also help you to clear your concerns and get a clear idea of the entire process lying ahead of you.


Online Assesment

Application Processing

Pre Landing Assistance

Post Landing Assistance


Application processing

Once you Enroll for our services

  1. We will: Design and release a comprehensive checklist as per the clients’ profession and the country of their choice.
  2. Assess clients and determine their eligibility for their country of choice based on the information provided by them.
  3. Create Review and submit the application. Communicate with the Immigration Visa Office.
  4. Prepare you for the personal interview wherever applicable. Be in constant communication with the High Commissions/Processing bodies until your Visa is issued.
  5. Address your Concerns and Provide Solutions Immigration Application Processing Times Immigration Process of the Particular country Proving your Work Experience Proving English Language Ability
  6. Address any Immigration Problems Medical Inadmissibility Criminal Inadmissibility Application Refusal Lengthy delays Canada immigration consultants in Bangalore…! Visit us Today..!
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Pre Landing Assistance

Check the client’s eligibility for a professional visa and evaluate their qualification from professional bodies in the country of immigration.

  1. Giving advice to the client regarding all the immigration laws present and creating a complete checklist of all the requirements for the particular applicant’s professional visa.
  2. Providing comprehensive information regarding the destination country. Preparing the clients for interviews at the visa processing office and assisting them in gaining a better understanding of the different processes through orientation programs.
  3. Helping the clients in preparing all the job related documents and preparing a resume as per the standard format. Canada immigration consultants in Bangalore…! Visit Us…!

Post Landing assistance

After arriving abroad, we will help you with:

  1. Airport pick up and accommodation at a pre-arranged location. Opening a bank account and basic information regarding taxation, education, housing etc. Getting a driving license and all the proper government cards.
  2. Getting insurance for your family Getting Social security Our one to one sessions will help you to better understand your destination countries social life and culture, healthcare and education, banking and other financial services.
  3. You will get to know what it is like to live in your preferred place even before you get engaged with the local community. Canada immigration consultants in Bangalore…! Visit Us…!
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