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Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

Work and live in Australia with this PR visa. This visa category allows foreign-national skilled workers, with certain skills to live and work permanently anywhere in Australia. This visa requires the candidate to complete a point based skills test. The visa holder can sponsor his eligible relatives and can apply for citizenship; later if eligible. This visa doesn’t require sponsorship by any Australian employer, relative or an Australian state or territory government.

The Benefits of a Skilled Independent Work Visa

It offers all the benefits of Australian PR for you as well as your family.


  • Live & work in Australia forever
  • Australia study opportunity 
  • Can enrol Medicare services
  • You can also apply for Australian citizenship
  • Sponsor relatives for PR
  • Travel in & out of Australia

Steps for a Skilled Independent Visa

Step 1: Check whether your occupation is on the Skilled Occupation Lists or not

Step 2: Make sure you meet all the eligibility requirements

You should meet the following requirements to apply for this visa:


  • Less than 50 years of age
  • Proficient in English language 
  • Must meet the health requirements
  • One should meet the character requirements
  • Should not have any outstanding debts to the Australian government or territory


Step 3: Complete a Skill Assessment AND Take  English Proficiency Test ( IELTS,PTE,TOEFL) 


You need to complete a Skill Assessment  from a designated body and get  an positive  outcome  in order to  become eligible for Skilled Independent  Visa. You must also achieve  the desired scoe  in any of  the aforementioned English proficiency tests

Step 4: Submit an EOI


Next, Through SkillSelect program you need to submit an Expression of Interest. This program will ask you a number of questions like your background, skills, and your work history. Your Expression of Interest will be reviewed  by the Australian authorities  . If invited based on the point achieved ,apply for the permanent resident visa.

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