How to choose the best Immigration Consultants

Given the complicated regulations and comprehensive process for International Visas, choosing an Immigration Consultancy becomes important. However, with so many organisations to choose from, it might be difficult to make a decision. Let’s take a look at the top five pieces of advices one needs to keep in mind while selecting an immigration firm:

1. Google Customer Reviews

As marketers usually say, nothing beats word of mouth when it comes to endorsement. In your internet investigation, be sure to check online reviews of your potential Immigration Consultancy. This will enable you to have information with first-hand, unadulterated feedback from people about the Agency.

2. Use of social media

Examine the potential agency’s social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This will give you the latest updates on the consultants.

3. Previous experience

Although this is not always the case, the finest Immigration Consultancy will have been in operation for a long time. If the company has experienced workers, look at their track record. You may also see if the firm’s CEO has a good reputation and if you can simply contact the company if something goes wrong.

4. Safety and security

Good businesses have processes and policies in place to provide their customers peace of mind.

5. Perform a background check

Payment of lakhs of rupees to an immigration agency might sometimes be required when shifting to a new country. It also covers the fees charged by the government of the other country. You could feel apprehensive about paying such large sums of money. For your piece of mind, there are companies that conduct background checks on corporations or individuals.

Making the decision to relocate to Canada is a big one and it takes a lot of thinking and care. Immigrating may be a difficult and confusing process. To guarantee that you qualify for a visa or immigration procedure, it is advised that you have a comprehensive consultation with a certified Canadian immigration counsellor. More significantly, a licenced Canadian immigration counsellor should be open and honest about your prospects of obtaining the appropriate visa for you and your family. He or she can also make the Canadian immigration procedure a lot easier.

5 ways to avoid being a victim of identity theft:

1 – Anything that seems too wonderful to be true should be avoided.

Using a representative will not attract extra attention to your application or ensure that it will be reviewed or approved faster.

2 – Be wary of sales agents that push you to lie on your application.

It’s against the law, and you might be denied admission or deported once you’ve arrived in Canada.

3 – Never sign blank application forms; only sign papers and documents that you can understand.

4 – Make sure your agent keeps you up to date on your application.

5 – Take care of your money and keep in mind the following:

  • The government will never contact you and request that you put funds into a personal bank account.
  • The government will never urge you to use a private money transfer business to send money.
  • The government fees are in Canadian dollars and are consistent around the world.
  • Get a signed receipt every time you pay your representative.

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