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What are the responsibilities of immigration consultants?

Immigration consultants’ responsibilities are as follows:

  • determining the likelihood of a client’s visa application getting granted
  • If necessary, preparing clients for VISA interviews
  • assisting customers in the preparation of immigration petitions and documentation, or reviewing them to guarantee accuracy and error-free submissions; and
  • Providing assistance to clients in all aspects of Canadian immigration, including family sponsorship, expedited entry, refugee claims, permanent residency, and studying/working in Canada.

Because India is Canada’s most significant source nation for new immigrants, there are several ways to apply for permanent residency in Canada from India. Immigration is expected to become more essential than ever as Canada recovers from the economic effects of the coronavirus epidemic. Even in the midst of the crisis, Canada continues to welcome new permanent residents who met the requirements before the limitations were imposed, as well as temporary foreign workers who are critical to the country’s food supply.

Is It Possible For Me To Apply For A Business Immigration Program?

Through its business immigration schemes, Canada tries to recruit entrepreneurs and investors, with many applications from India being accepted.

Options at the federal level include:

  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program
  • Self-Employed Program
  • Start-Up Visa Program

In order to become a permanent resident of Canada, you must first apply.

Every year, hundreds of people aspire to become permanent residents and obtain their PR card in Canada, which is a country of opportunity. In reality, the number of successful candidates in Canada has been growing year after year. In 2021, the Canadian government wants to welcome 351,000 people to become permanent citizens, and that figure is expected to rise!

A permanent resident is someone who has been granted permanent resident status in Canada after emigrating, but who is not a Canadian citizen. Citizens of other nations are permanent residents. A temporary visitor to Canada, such as a student or a foreign worker, is not a permanent resident.

  • Through some economic immigration categories, the Express Entry programme oversees applications for permanent residency for immigrants who can fill positions when there is a shortage of available competent Canadian employees.
  • For immigrants and newcomers with expertise owning, managing, or investing in businesses, Canada’s Business Immigration Program offers a way to invest and find work in the country.
  • In Canada, family sponsorship is a means to reconnect separated families. Several sponsorship schemes are available for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their family members to come to Canada.
  • The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is an immigration programme designed to assist temporary foreign employees and foreign students in applying for residence based on their work experience and education.
  • The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a programme for people with the skills, education, and job experience necessary to contribute to the economy of a particular Canadian province or territory. Students, businesspeople, skilled employees, and semi-skilled workers are all targeted by different streams and programmes in each province and territory.

Depending on the path you pick, the criteria and procedure stages change, so it’s vital to learn more and consider speaking with an immigration specialist. You will be granted a PR Card once you have been accepted or invited to become a permanent resident of Canada.

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