Moving to a new country is challenging, but many opportunities await those moving from India to Canada. It’s quite simple and easy with the recent changes introduced by the government’s Express Entry and Open Citizenship System. Since updating this system, moving professionals and student’s Canadian immigration pathways from India has become easier Canada immigration Bangalore has all the services providing to immigrate to Canada.

There are a variety of options for migrating to Canada from India. There’s the Express Entry Program, the Study and Work Permit, the PNP, and more, just to name a few. In addition, if an applicant meets the requirements, most programs result in permanent residency in Canada.

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The Canada Express Entry Immigration Program is a comprehensive online management system for skilled worker’s PR applications.

For 3 critical economic programs it manages a candidate pool, including:

  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Canadian Experience Class

In this system, you need a score to get to the top of the pool. Your CRS score is calculated based on your human capital and experience and may increase as you add information about yourself to your profile. When time is available to process applications, IRCC selects individuals with high CRS scores to become permanent residents!

When it comes to Canadian immigration, there are various ways to get a PR visa, and every province in Canada wants them! Each of the provinces has its own Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), which are specifically designed  to attract immigrants, given the population and economy of that area. Since each province has its own population and economy, its immigration strategies are tailored to  its demographic and economic needs

According to the Canadian government, certain Indian citizens may be eligible for a Canadian work permit. You should make sure your employer has to make an offer first, as many workers may then be eligible for a work permit  if the transfer is an ‘internal transfer’. This means that you may be eligible to relocate to Canada to perform your professional duties from another city or state!

One possible reason applicants choose Canada is that they can obtain PR in Canada after completing their term. The extensive networking opportunities offered by Canadian universities help them find good jobs abroad while staying in Canada.


If a Canadian citizen or PR submits an Interest to Sponsor form, they are eligible to be sponsored by the desired family member after submitting their final application. Individuals may sponsor their parents, grandparents & other eligible family members to obtain Canadian citizenship as long as the sponsor is over the age of 18.

An eligible Canadian sponsorship spouse or Canadian resident  who qualifies as a qualified sponsor may also sponsor their spouse, or adult children to become legal residents of Canada as long as the sponsor is 18 years of age or older and they can afford to support them. Therefore, submit your sponsoring applications and PR at the same time.

Program for Self-Employed Individuals


In Canada, you can apply for the self-employment program that allows you to move there permanently as a self-employed person. This is primarily for individuals with extensive experience in sporting or cultural activities and plans to make a significant contribution to Canada’s athletic or creative fields.

Canadian immigration


If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, there are several factors you should consider when making your decision. The best immigration route from India to Canada  for you depends on several factors. For example, you may be looking for a new job in Canada, want to start a new business, or move in with your spouse or family member who already lives in Canada. Whatever your reason for immigrating to Canada, this blog provides information on the different Canadian immigration routes from India.

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